Stop the Effects of Hard Water & Save up to $100 a Month with No Contracts!


If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms below, there is a good chance that you have hard water. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a family of four can save up $100 per monthby simply having soft water.

  • Bad tap water taste
  • Calcified bathroom fixtures & stained sinks
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Dingy & faded clothing
  • Dull, limp hair
  • Spotted dishes, glasses & silverware
  • Clogged pipes, water heaters & plumbing
  • Soap that won’t lather or rinse off easily

Don’t Buy a Soft Water Filter.
Rent One!


At Boyett Family Rayne Conditioning, we offer the automatic water softener that pays for itself.

Benefits include:

  • No contract Required, you just rent the equipment
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • No upkeep on your part is required
  • No additional charge for service calls or parts