Water SoftenerHow we utilized William Brian Boyett’s legend, guns and people to establish visibility, reputation, intrigue, allure, stickiness for our dynamic duel whole house carbon filter and water softener.

Through the development of a product called Filtersorb SP3 we found that applying a whole house carbon filter with our offerings added great value to our client’s water treatment experiences. Beginning with the Filtersorb SP3 product we began utilizing our own tools to create the marketing literature. This saves time and money. Therefore, when it came time to create a product and marketing piece for our new product (our dynamic duel whole house carbon filter and water softener) we pursued the same means to accomplish the task of developing this new brochure. The following picture was taken at my house for the Filtersorb SP3.

To make our name for this new product (our dynamic duel whole house carbon filter and water softener) ty to a western duel we took a picture of a cowboy (that is me) drawing his gun. I used a tripod and my camera. To give our new product stickiness we have decided to use William Brian Boyett’s accouterments. The accouterments we have chosen are Brian’s Colt .45 peacemaker and his gun holster which hangs in Roberta Boyett’s Tempe Arizona home (in the TV room).


These items have great meaning to me and therefore give me passion as I develop this marketing program; and desire for great success.

The gun holster was purchased in Sante Fe by William Brian Boyett. Here is a picture of Brian wearing this gun holster.

My image can be seen in the reflection as I took this picture with my phone. As I juxtaposed this picture in my business journal I made this note by the picture: these two sure loved one another after all those years. Roberta told me that she was my father’s first (he was 32 years old). I asked how did you know? She said, “A girl knows”. I thought to myself ‘I couldn’t have waited that long’, but this thought gave me high respect for this great man William Brian Boyett. My father had patience in matters having to do with marriage. In my opinion, one of their success formulas was their great passion they had for each other (and great respect).

So I wanted to find out the story of William Brian Boyett’s Colt .45 Peacemaker. I have seen this gun all my life. I have played with this gun as a young boy conjuring images of cowboy and indian duels. I think I have even shot this gun; however, since it is so old ‘this may have been dangerous’. I reached out to my Uncle Dale to see if he knew.

This is the e mail in which I sent.

How is Nadine?

How is Uncle Dale?

How did my father get this Colt .45 gun?

We are building a BB gun story to go along with our new product marketing campaign: dynamic duel

These are the future stories to be added to Desire. You will be listed as my marketing designer.

Thank you so much for helping me connect the dots.

I didn’t really expect for Uncle Dale to know; and I was right. However, I am glad I asked. This was a good decision. It was in the form of Aunt Annetta’s beautiful story that the answer appeared.


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